Councils reveal how much money you can claim to help with the cost of living crisis

A £20 note with a lit hob <i>(Image: NQ Staff)</i>
A £20 note with a lit hob (Image: NQ Staff)

Councils have shared how households can claim support payments to help them through the cost of living crisis.

Some councils have pledged to provide a one-off payment to people who claim Council Tax Reduction due to low income, and district and borough councils in the county have said that they will be supporting families in other ways.

Sussex councils said that they would not be providing the one-off £65 payment that some other authorities have pledged, but they have stressed that help is available to those struggling with rising bills.

Brighton and Hove City Council

Individual councils are given the decision as to how they allocate the Government's Household Support Funding, and Brighton and Hove City Council have said that “Extra help is available this winter for households in Brighton and Hove struggling to pay for food, energy and other essential costs”.

A spokesman for the council added that: “We provide funding to a very broad range of organisations as we have worked out that has a far greater reach than just Council Tax Reduction recipients.

“We also have a large chunk of the fund within the Local Discretionary Social Fund to assist with those in crisis need.”

To claim the support, those who claim benefits can apply to the Local Discretionary Social Fund to help pay for essentials.

Those who do not receive benefits can request support from the Household Support Fund.

Adur and Worthing Borough Council

District and Borough councils are responsible for collecting council taxes, and as such Adur and Worthing Borough Council have launched a dedicated page for cost of living enquiries.

On the website, specific help can be found for how those claiming disability allowance can claim extra support.

The Argus: Gas and electric bills have been rising due to the cost of living crisis
The Argus: Gas and electric bills have been rising due to the cost of living crisis

Gas and electric bills have been rising due to the cost of living crisis (Image: NQ Staff)

The council also stresses that those living alone or who are students can claim discounts on their council tax. Advice on housing benefits, food support and help with energy bills is also available.

Previously, an £150 council tax rebate had already been paid to those who had made a claim through the Government scheme in April 2022.

Eastbourne Borough Council

Eastbourne have said that they are supporting the Keep Warm and Well Campaign to help residents across the winter period amid the cost of living crisis.

A spokesman for Eastbourne Borough Council said: “We introduced a council tax reduction scheme for households on low incomes and made discretionary housing payments to those who are eligible and potentially facing eviction."

Over £130,000 has been allocated by the council to help initiatives within the borough, including to help breakfast clubs, school uniform banks and to help fund warm spaces.

Hastings Borough Council

Hastings Borough Council say that they have already offered support payments to those claiming Council Tax Reduction with payments varying on their council tax band.

For those in bands E to H, a payment of £150 has been paid into the account associated with council tax, whilst a £100 payment has been made to those in bands A to D.

Now, a spokeswoman for the council has said that they “have just written to residents who receive council tax reduction to advise them of additional payments under the council tax (energy) rebate scheme”.

Lewes District Council

Lewes District Council said that the council has committed over £50,000 to help tackle the cost of living crisis.

The Argus: A pile of £20 notes
The Argus: A pile of £20 notes

A pile of £20 notes (Image: NQ Staff)

Councillor Zoe Nicholson, deputy leader of the council, said: "When it became clear that the UK was heading into a cost of living crisis, we moved very quickly to put a safety net of measures in place that directly help local people who are in most need.

“Knowing so many of our residents will be worrying about how to pay their heating bills, this latest funding will create welcoming warm spaces across the district that anyone can visit.”

Soon after declaring a cost of living emergency, Lewes District Council put a £250,000 fund in place to support the local voluntary sector and followed this by agreeing £500,000 for households that don’t qualify for the government’s £650 payment, in some cases by as little as a single pound.

Help and advice can be found on the council website, including information on the location of warm banks in the area.

Chichester District Council

Chichester District Council has launched a Supporting You Campaign to help tackle the cost of living crisis in the area.

As well as offering the £150 council tax rebate like other councils in the area, the council also offers help through a dedicated email and phone line.

Help from the service can be accessed by emailing or 01243 534860.