Countdown viewers amused as ‘phallus’ appears as high-scoring word

Ben Travis

Will rude words popping up on Countdown ever not be funny?

Of course not – it’s comedy gold, especially when it’s as ‘scrawled in the back of your secondary school science book’ as this.

Rachel Riley was once again forced to stand next to an awkward phrase on the Channel 4 quiz show today.

The highest-scoring result was one that really put the ‘d’ in Dictionary Corner – ‘phallus’. Now that’s a teatime teaser.

(Channel 4)

Even better, the remaining two letters spelled out ‘me’, with smirk-inducing results.

Neither of the contestants picked this one up – that, or they were too ashamed to read out their answer and decided to leave it to someone else instead.

The person with the honour of reading the word out was Strictly Come Dancing star (and partner of Rachel Riley) Pasha Kovalev, who appeared straight-faced while the rest of the presenters giggled.

It’s definitely not the only hilarious word to have appeared on Countdown in recent weeks.

Just last month, Susie Dent presented the eight letter word ‘s***head’, while last summer presenter Nick Hewer remarked that Riley was ‘gagging for a hard one’ in relation to the show’s famous maths conundrums.

Oh Countdown, never change.

Channel 4, 2.10pm

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