County Durham thug 'hacked' at another man with a meat cleaver in horrific attack

An image of Haswell Picture: GOOGLE <i>(Image: An image of Haswell Picture: GOOGLE)</i>
An image of Haswell Picture: GOOGLE (Image: An image of Haswell Picture: GOOGLE)

A defendant who has admitted “hacking” at another man with a meat cleaver was told the only sentence will be one of immediate imprisonment.

Judge James Adkin was addressing Michael Korben after he pleaded guilty to two counts arising from a violent incident in his home village of Haswell, in County Durham, on December 30, last year.

Appearing at a Durham Crown Court plea hearing, the 20-year-old defendant admitted a charge of wounding with intent and having an article with a blade or point, namely a meat cleaver, “without good reason or lawful authority”.

Annelise Haugstad, for Korben, asked for preparation of a background report on her client by the Probation Service before he is sentenced.

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“He’s 20 and he’s aware of the inevitable sentence in this case. He’s attended court with his family.

“There are a number of matters the Probation Service can deal with.”

Judge Adkin agreed to allow preparation of a short-form verbal report by a court liaison Probation Officer.

But, with that report prepared later in the session, prosecution counsel, Lewis Kerr, told the court that despite the best efforts of the police, it had not been possible to contact the complainant to alert him that the case was about to be sentenced.

“He suffers with an injury and might have been able to tell the court about the ongoing effect.

“For that reason, I’m bound to apply for an adjournment.

“It maybe he’s at work, so we may only need 24 or 48 hours.”

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Judge Adkin agreed to further delay sentence to allow the victim to update the court on his medical position, recovering from his wound.

He adjourned sentencing the case until Friday, but, in the meantime, he made Korben, of Dent Close, Haswell, subject of a 7pm to 7am home curfew.

The judge told him: “The sentence for hacking at someone with a meat cleaver is one of prison.

“I’m adjourning so we can hear of the physical and, perhaps, mental impact on the complainant over the injury to his wrist, but you know what the sentence will be.”

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