County Press editor latest guest on Island Stories podcast

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Harriet Hadfield chatting with Isle of Wight County Press editor Alan Marriott (inset)..
Harriet Hadfield chatting with Isle of Wight County Press editor Alan Marriott (inset)..

The Island Stories Podcast is now well into its first series, with well known Isle of Wight people such as Derek Sandy and Camp Bestival curator Rob Da Bank featuring as early guests.

Episode five, which aired this week, came a little closer to home for the Isle of Wight County Press, with editor Alan Marriott as Harriet Hadfield's subject.

Former Sky News and BBC journalist Harriet is a Seaview resident and is now a Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Councillor.

She started the Spence Willard-sponsored podcast as a way to find out more about prominent Isle iof Wight people.

Harriet produces the podcast with fellow Islander Alex Warren.

Harriet also published the 5-Stories newsletter, which pulls together a weekly digest of Isle of Wight news.

She told the County Press: "When two journalists meet up for something like this you get podcast gold.

"Alan told us of his 37 years on the County Press and how the newspaper is ‘in his blood’.

"We talked about the Island’s big news stories, how much has changed here during his tenure and what big Island news stories he’s keeping an eye on for the future.

"We also got to find out five favourite things Alan loves about the Isle of Wight.

You can hear the Alan Marriott episode of the Island Stories Podcast HERE


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