Couple celebrating 70th anniversary say ‘a lot of bleeding patience’ is the secret to a happy marriage

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

A couple who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary have revealed their top tip for a happy marriage: ‘a lot of bleeding patience’.

Dolly, 89, and Stan Izatt, 91, whose relationship blossomed when they wrote each other letters during the Second World War, marked their platinum wedding anniversary this week.

The couple, who were both born and raised in London where they lived opposite each other, tied the knot in 1947 when Dolly was 19 and Stan was 21.

Despite a life-time of happiness it was far from love at first sight for Dolly, who says she was eventually worn down by her future husband’s persistence.

After spending seven decades together, she revealed: “In marriage you need love, you need trust – and you need a lot of bleeding patience.”

She added: “When I first met Stan, I fancied his friend – I didn’t fancy him at all.

Patience: Stan and Dolly Izatt know exactly how to make a marriage work (SWNS)

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“But within a couple of weeks he was telling everybody he was going to marry me, don’t ask me why.

“I mean then I was fifteen, straight hair, never wore makeup – but everywhere I went he followed me, on his bike.

“I’ve gone in a shop and bought something to avoid him, but there we are – he persevered and wore me down I think.”

Stan, a Second World War veteran, eventually made a break through and asked Dolly if she would write to him when he was away on service.

The soldier said he would not write back but would like to receive the letters.

Loved-up: The couple married in 1947 and celebrated their platinum anniversary this week (SWNS)

When Dolly demanded replies or else she would not put pen to paper Stan gave in – and in some cases he had to have six books on his desk while writing as he struggled to find the words.

Once back from the conflict they married and have been together ever since.

The couple have three daughters, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren who are their “pride and joy”.

To mark their achievement their daughters arranged a party at the Godolphin Arms, Marazion, where the happy couple were joined by family and friends.

They were also “proud” and “delighted” to receive a card from Her Majesty the Queen, who congratulated them on their impressively long marriage.

The platinum pair described themselves as “very lucky” and have some insightful advice for anyone searching for the key behind a long-lasting and successful marriage.

Dolly added: “When our grandson got married in May, Stan decided he would give him the benefit of his advice.

“He said to him in marriage you need love, you need trust and you need a lot of bleeding patience – and for once I agree with him and that doesn’t happen very often.”

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