Couple claims to have spotted the 'Fen Tiger'

Staff writer

A couple claims to have spotted a large wild cat, known locally as the Fen Tiger, in the Suffolk countryside.

The large feline has become a legend over the last 30 years, famous for traipsing around Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas.

However, few people have ever actually been able to snap a picture or capture video of the elusive beast - until now.

Jamie Newby, 46, from Wisbech, and his partner Hayley spotted the cat at about 6.30am around 400 yards away from their AirBnB in Ipswich, Suffolk.

He said: "My girlfriend spotted it first as she opened the curtains of the bedroom we were staying in."

"At first she thought it was maybe a small deer. So I grabbed my camera as we'd like to have caught a picture of it."

"But as soon as the camera focused, I could see it was a very large cat - about the size of medium-sized dog."

The footage appears to show a large cat, with markings similar to a tabby.

The Fen Tiger was first reported in 1982 and since then hundreds of sightings of the big cat have been recorded across the Cambridgeshire region.

Residents called police 63 times from 1998 to 2010 about the mysterious creature and dozens of reports have been recorded since.