Couple ditch high-flying jobs to live on narrowboat with their one-year-old child

A couple ditched their high-flying jobs to live on a narrowboat with their one-year-old - before buying another and running a cafe from it. Joanna and Victor Gould, both 34, left their corporate jobs in favour of ''living life on their own terms'' and travelling the country in their humble narrowboat. The couple - who met in April 2015 - were working as freelance TV editors in London racking up 80-hour weeks, but swapped their corporate jobs to for a slower pace of life on the water. The high-flying pair were raking in a combined salary of just over £150k compared to the £25k their new role brings in - but despite the drop in finances they say they've "never been happier". After purchasing a canal boat in 2015 - with renovations costing £30k - they decided to give up their old lives to start afresh. They waited just over a year for the barge to be fully renovated, before moving in to start their new life in April 2017. They spend their days roaming up and down the canals between Croydon and Nottinghamshire with their main base in Cheshire. The couple - who previously rented in Hackney, East London - bought a second boat and now run a cafe from it, which opens seasonally from 10am until 3pm. Joanna and Victor take it in turns to take care of their tot, William, while the other serves up teas, coffees and cakes. Joanna said: "Our life now, compared to the city, is so much better. After six months of dating, in October 2015 the pair moved in together in a flat they rented in Hackney, East London, whilst the narrowboat was being renovated. A year and a half and £30k later, in April 2017 - and after two years of dating- the pair finally moved onto the narrowboat, called Zero. At first, they stuck at their TV jobs, taking a two-hour commute from Otford, Kent, to Old Street, East London, every day. The pair left their freelance gigs in December 2019 ''just before covid hit'' and haven't looked back. They were able to put their editing skills to use when starting their YouTube channel in April 2020 - which details the practicalities of life on a boat and the cities they visit. In April 2021, the pair renovated a second boat which they opened as a cafe, called Holly The Cafe Boat. Victor said: "It means we're able to give back to the communities that we travel to through barista coffee and conversations with locals. The couple have now visited over 50 location - stopping at them for two weeks at a time, with Hampton, South West London and Oxford being firm favourites. As well as Macclesfield, Cheshire and Coventry, West Midlands. The pair now boast over 44k YouTube subscribers and nearly 10k Instagram with followers all across the country. Their little boy, William, is a firm favourite with their online fans. Joanna and Victor can be found @hollythecafeboat on both Instagram and YouTube.