Couple who fostered teen accused of Parsons Green bombing feel a 'sense of betrayal'

Police after the terror attack earlier this month (Rex)
Police after the terror attack earlier this month (Rex)

The elderly couple who fostered the teenager accused of the Parsons Green bomb feel a ‘sense of betrayal’ after housing Ahmed Hassan, the teenager accused of the terror attacks, say their son.

In the family’s first interview since the attack, son Spencer also tells how the OAPs were marched out of their house by armed police.

Penny and Ron Jones were told to leave their house by police in full riot gear and there house was also surrounded by officers from the bomb squad, their son Spencer has said in an interview.

The 71-year-old foster mother and her 89-year-old husband were told by police to leave everything behind, even the handbag containing Penny’s medication, her son told the Mail on Sunday.

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The Jones’ house was raided after one of the children they had fostered Ahmed Hassan, 18, tried to bomb a rush hour District Line tube.

Penny and Ron Jones (Facebook)
Penny and Ron Jones (Facebook)

Thirty people were injured in the attack.

Hassan allegedly made the bomb in his foster parent’s kitchen and filled it with explosives, knives and shrapnel.

The police came to their house in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, after the attempted terror attack.

The OAPs had just finished dinner.

‘This is the armed police. We are outside your house,’ shouted an officer.

‘Stand up from your chair and walk straight out of the door with your hands up,’ said the caller.

Outside the house were officers with guns as well as the bomb squad.

Spencer says his parents’ lives have been turned upside down.

Teenager Ahmed Hassan has been accused of the Underground attack (SWNS)
Teenager Ahmed Hassan has been accused of the Underground attack (SWNS)

‘He got on with my parents and Mum always spoke highly of him,’ he says. ‘Mum will feel betrayal and probably failure over this.

‘How could you not? She’ll wear a portion of that blame herself, as though it was her own child.’

Last week, Hassan appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with attempted murder and an explosives offence.

He allegedly bought ingredients online to make the explosive TATP, known as ‘Mother of Satan’.

The elderly couple have fostered nearly 300 children and been rewarded with MBEs.

But the incident with Hassan has left them ‘shell-shocked’, said Spencer, on of the Jones’ biological sons.

Spencer also revealed that just a few months ago that the couple had holidayed with Hassan, hiring a cottage and visiting Monkey World in Dorset.

Ron and Penny have not yet been allowed back into their home or to collect any of their possessions, said Spencer.

The station has since reopened (Rex)
The station has since reopened (Rex)

‘It’s hard to believe that two people who have done so much have to suffer the indignity of having their lives dissected.

‘They’ve taken Mum’s iPad, laptop and home computer. There are strangers going through every aspect of your life, you know, through your knicker drawer. A woman’s most private place.’

He added: ‘She’s a strong woman, the matriarch of the family. But I’ve also seen her, after she’s processed things, cry and be visibly shaken.

‘She’s still processing this. She just keeps telling me she’s shell-shocked. She hasn’t been sleeping.But this won’t break Mum. She’s too strong and practical.’