Couple hatch out two chicks from £3 pack of quails eggs from M&S

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A young couple who bought a £3 pack of M&S quails eggs were stunned when they popped them into an incubator as an experiment - and two chicks hatched out. Darren Maynard, 28, bought the 12-pack of eggs from his local M&S store in St Albans, Herts., as part of a food shop at the beginning of February. But he decided against using them to whip up an omelette and placed the 12 British quails eggs into an incubator he has at home, to see if any of them would hatch. And just two weeks later, Darren and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Jasmine Game, were delighted when two of the 12 eggs hatched. And Jasmine, from Hertford, who works in a care home, said that even though they deliberately incubated the eggs as an experiment to "see what would happen", she was still shocked to end up with two chicks. She said: "I was definitely surprised. I didn't think something like that could actually happen. "Darren has done this before - he's bought fertilised quails eggs off Amazon and incubated them. "But it was all new to me, so it was a nice surprise." She added that they had initially expected four of the eggs to hatch, because they could see "veins" through four of the shells. She said: "Darren would use the torch on his phone to shine onto the eggs and look to see if he could see veins through the shells, which means those ones might hatch. "At first he thought he could see four - but as it got closer to hatching, two of those seemed to not have grown properly. "So now we have two happy, healthy chicks that are about three-and-a-half weeks old - and they're so cute." Darren put the eggs into the incubator on February 7 - and the two chicks hatched around February 20. Although Darren and Jasmine do not live together, they are in one another's 'social bubble' during the Covid lockdown, and are taking it in turns to raise the chicks at their respective houses. Jasmine said: "The chicks are growing so fast - already they are starting to lose their yellow baby feathers and are turning brown, and their wings are growing. "I love having them around - they're really cute."