Couple re-run their wedding day so bride's sick grandmother can be there

For many couples, their wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

But newlyweds Samantha and Craig Stacey did it twice – re-running their big day so the bride’s sick grandmother could be there.

Samantha and Craig surprised “loveable” Emmy Hall, 89, with a second ceremony at her hospital ward on August 14 – just a day before she died.

Guest of honour – the couple recreated their wedding day so Samantha’s grandmother Emmy could give them her blessings (Pictures: SWNS)

Chairs were arranged into an aisle for the couple to walk down again and a chaplain was drafted in so Emmy  – who wore the royal blue chiffon dress she would have worn to their wedding – could give the couple her blessings.

Emmy died from natural causes just a day later at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, South Yorkshire.

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Her daughter Joyce Hall – Samantha’s mother – is convinced she “hung on” so she could see her beloved granddaughter tie the knot.

Sam and Craig got engaged in October last year while on holiday in Cyprus after being together for five years.

Re-run – chairs were rearranged and a chaplain drafted in

“When her and Craig decided to get married, he proposed last October while they were on holiday in Cyprus and they initially set a date for the wedding in 2018,” Joyce said.

“Mum would have been 90 in November and Sam said to me that she’d like her grandmother to be at her wedding.”

Fall – Samantha had wanted her grandmother to be at her wedding but Emmy had a fall 10 days before and couldn’t attend the church

But grandmother-of-seven Emmy was rushed to hospital after a fall 10 days before and doctors said she would not be well enough to attend the church – sparking the decision to re-enact the big day in hospital.

Joining the happy couple were five bridesmaids, the best man, Samantha’s brother Peter who was the ring bearer and Joyce.

The family thanked ward staff who nursed Emmy and took a collection for them on the night of the wedding.