Couple's shock as CCTV camera picks up 'hoodie ghost' crawling over their Volvo Estate

A couple who set up a CCTV camera to catch vandals were stunned when it captured this spooky footage - of a hoodie-wearing 'ghost'.

Lisa Rigley, 44, and husband Phil, 51, set up the camera outside their home after a spate of attacks on their cars.

But they were left shocked when they spooled through the footage and saw a strange youngster-shaped orb leaping over their Volvo Estate.

The eerie clip was captured art 1.30am on August 1 outside the couple's home in Clifton, Nottingham.

It appears to show a white glowing orb - in the shape of a youngster wearing a hoodie - jumping over their car in their driveway.

The ghost then vanishes out of shot before reappearing on the opposite side of the road.

Mum-of-two Lisa, who works as a doctor's receptionist, said: "The image of a child jumped over my fence, landed over the roof of my car, flew down the street and flew back.

"I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this. I've got the footage here, it's the image of a young child about four or five.

"It's a ghost, it's got to be.

"We set the cameras up years ago after our cars were vandalised but we've never seen anything like this before.

"Our neighbour came over to ask if we could go through the tape after she had some ornaments stolen from her front garden.

"We went through the tape to see if we could see anyone walking past our gate at the time of the theft and saw this weird hoodie-ghost jumping on our car.

"It really was spooky. It was one of those weird feelings where you just think to yourself, 'what on earth is it?'

"It looks like Casper the friendly ghost but it was certainly leaping all over the bonnet of our Volvo Estate."

Husband Phil, a deliver driver, captured the footage on one of the couple's four black-and-white cameras.

He said: "I am cynical about ghosts because I don't believe in them but this footage is strange.

"There is probably a perfectly rational explanation but I have checked the tape and there is no distortion or damage which could have caused this.

"I also checked the car and there were no signs of damage so at least we don't have to pursue the ghost for criminal damage."