Couple spend £3k on a 'zero-waste wedding' complete with upcycled dress and confetti made from dried leaves

Meet the eco-friendly couple who spent just £3k on a 'zero-waste wedding' - complete with a recycled fabric dress and leaf confetti.

Anna Masiello, 28, and Diogo Linhares, 29, met at a zero-waste event in October 2019 and are passionate about reducing waste.

The bride and groom parties wore second-hand outfits, and the ceremony took place at Anna's uncle Federico's garden, in Trieste, Italy.

The guests were served a sustainably sourced plant-based menu and all of the decorations and furniture were either second-hand or rented.

Anna had her dress designed from off-cuts of factory materials - costing her just £380.

Anna, an influencer, from Trieste, Italy, said: "It was the most special day.

"It was raining all day, but the sun came out when we exchanged vows in the garden.

"I felt like a fairy, and we danced the night away.

"It was amazing to just strip back the day and get married how we wanted to.

"This is the way we live day to day so we wanted to apply it to our wedding day and we wanted to do it our way.

"I also wanted to prove everyone wrong that being sustainable doesn't mean losing out on anything."

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