Couple who suffered five miscarriages raises thousands on TikTok to pay for IVF

A couple who were left heartbroken after five miscarriages have raised the money for IVF by creating videos on TikTok. Lucy and Mark Brown have spent £15,000 already on IVF treatment after struggling to conceive naturally. 41-year old Lucy from North Yorkshire was diagnosed with eclampsia during her first pregnancy and was sterilised after giving birth to a son in 2004. The couple have been trying for another child since 2017 after getting the sterilization reversed. Since then they have gone through five miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. With funds running out amid the pandemic squeeze on finances, Mark decided to set up a TikTok account as a last-ditch effort to raise the much-needed cash. If the next round of treatment is successful, the couple says they'll even let their TikTok followers pick the baby's name.