Couple want compensation for '£2k holiday' after missing flight at 'chaotic' airport

Murray and Sue Stewart were upset after they missed their flight to Croatia
-Credit: (Image: Murray and Sue Stewart)

A devastated couple claims they were forced to cancel their £2,000 holiday after missing their flight due to airport "chaos". Sue and Murray Stewart canceled a two-week trip in Croatia following delays and issues at Bristol Airport.

They were set to fly with easyJet to Split on May 26 but, after missing their flight, settled on a break at a Gloucestershire caravan site. Bristol Airport issued an apology, attributing queues and delays to terminal congestion and a problem with the baggage sorting system.

Sue, an admin worker at a special needs school in Bristol, claimed the couple had allowed for plenty of time to catch their flight. But she said they were shocked to find the airport in "total chaos" when they arrived.

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Speaking to Bristol Live, Sue said she hopes the pair will be rewarded compensation. She said: "When we arrived at the car park, it was packed with people and vehicles trying to get in.

"We could see the Silver Zone entrance and there were people queuing all over the place - something I've never experienced before. We parked and the queue for the key drop was quite horrendous, as well as the queue at the surrounding building. We weren't sure how long it would be.

"The queue for the bus was no better - there clearly wasn't enough busses and no one managing the queue." After dropping off their car keys, the couple waited for a transfer bus to Bristol Airport along with dozens of other passengers.

But with time ticking, and anxious they were going to miss their flight, the couple made their way to luggage check-in. However, they claimed they were hit by further delays.

"The check-in queue was massive," added Sue. "At that point, we just thought we weren't going to make it.

"We ran upstairs and, because we were late, the booking pass to get into security wouldn't let us in. The security guard was really helpful and got us through and by this time, the flight was boarding. When we got through security, it said 'gate closed'."

"The gate number disappeared and there was no rep. We were hanging around as we would be a no-show on the flight and someone would get us. We were waiting for our bags to be returned back to us and were unsure if they were on the flight."

Disappointed about missing their flight, the pair were able to get their bags back before they returned to Silver Zone. "There were a lot of people who probably missed their flights," said Sue.

"We hope for some compensation. We have lost £2,000. I have lived in Bristol and always flown from Bristol Airport - we have never seen anything like this ever."

Bristol Airport offered an apology for the inconvenience caused by delays. An airport spokesperson told our sister website: "We apologise for the longer than average waiting times experienced at the airport for a short period of time on May 26."