Courteney Cox Shares Video Response After Kanye West's 'Friends Wasn't Funny' Comments

Courteney Cox and Kanye West (Photo: Instagram/Andrew HWalker/Getty)
Courteney Cox and Kanye West (Photo: Instagram/Andrew HWalker/Getty)

Courteney Cox and Kanye West (Photo: Instagram/Andrew HWalker/Getty)

Friends star Courteney Cox has shared a video response after Kanye West made it clear he was not a fan of the 90s sitcom.

Earlier this week, Ye shared a since-deleted Instagram post claiming that certain old tweets supposedly written by him – including one about Friends – were actually sent by someone else.

“I know you guys gonna be disappointed but I actually didn’t write the tweet that said ‘Friends wasn’t funny either’ but I wish I had,” the rapper claimed. “I’d love to know who thought of that.”

Courteney has since posted a video poking fun at Ye’s remarks on her own account.

The clip shows her scrolling through her phone while listening to the Ye hit Heartless, only to stumble upon his comment about her own show.

Feigning upset, she is then seen shutting the song down, commenting in the video’s caption: “I bet the old Kayne thought Friends was funny.”

Courteney played Monica Geller in all 10 series of Friends, which came to an end in 2004 but has still stayed in the zeitgeist thanks to its prominence on Netflix and last year’s reunion special.

The Friends reunion finally bagged Courteney her first primetime Emmy nomination, having previously admitted it “hurt her feelings” to be the only member of the principal cast to never be in the running for one.

Earlier this year, she ruled out the possibility of a second reunion, stating: “Walking on the stage at Warner Bros was the most emotional thing, I just immediately burst into tears. So many things had happened, so many years of being together. You name it, we’d gone through it.

“We’re not going to do another reunion. Can you imagine? When we’re 80?”

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