Courtney Love announces she’s finished her memoir after ‘decade’ of writing: ‘F*** an untrue narrative’

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Courtney Love announced that she has finished writing her memoir, The Girl with the Most Cake, after a decade of “dragging my ass”.

Love thanked ghostwriter Alex Abramovich and her publisher Harper Collins for their patience in a post showing her and her manuscript on Instagram earlier today (5 August).

“Dude(s). I think I might have just signed off on my book… After a f***ing DECADE of dragging my ass,” the musician wrote.

She told fans not to “pop the Champagne” just yet, though. “There’s a (no kidding) very real power supply chain back up, so don’t ask me when (The important thing is that it’s good now.)”

The Hole frontperson went on to tease some of the anecdotes and themes that would be detailed in the book, saying: “Lots of what Alex calls my ‘Victorian adventures’ and I seem to have 29 lives and counting. With crazy luck of being in the right place, right time (and sometimes way wrong!).

 (Courtney Love/Instagram)
(Courtney Love/Instagram)

Love continued to say she “changed” the narrative of the book from a rags to riches story to include the reality of her mother’s wealth and her “impossibly glamorous” grandmother.

“F*** an untrue narrative because that’s what people ‘like.’ The truth is so much more fun, more rich, makes more sense. And there’s lots of rags too!” Love wrote.

Love’s memoir was originally due to be released in 2013, however, a year later she called the project “a disaster”.

In 2017, Love revealed that she was working with a second ghostwriter: “The first one was too tell-all, too much in a kind of sleazy way.”

The Girl with the Most Cake does not yet have a release date.

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