Courtney Love criticises anonymous Rock Hall voter for being ‘unfamiliar’ with singing legend Kate Bush

Courtney Love has hit out at an anonymous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voter for admitting they were “unfamiliar” with singing icon Kate Bush’s music.

In a recent Vulture article, journalist Devon Ivie spoke with two unidentified Rock Hall voters who gave their opinions on this year’s 2023 official induction class ballot. The ballot includes the likes of Bush, Missy Elliot and Rage Against the Machine.

When asked if they would vote for the “Running up That Hill” singer, “Voter two” – who’s been an active voter now for “six or seven years” – said: “I’ve got to admit that I’m not too familiar with her music, so I don’t know if I would vote for her. I want to make sure I know the catalogue.”

A few days after the piece was published, Love, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Hole, responded in outrage.

“Bro! The rest of us have been LIVING KATE BUSH since 1977!” she tweeted alongside a screenshot of the article. “This idiot VOTES people’s bank account & legacy? Too much power in the hands of IDIOTS.”

Bush recently experienced a surge in interest after her 1985 song was featured in the fourth season of Stranger Things. It topped the 2022 UK charts last summer.

Beginning this year, the Hall took a new approach in selecting its induction class by allowing anybody “whose music connects us all” and “who celebrates the sound of youth culture” to be eligible for the ballot.

Nominees do, however, still have to meet the 25-year threshold, which requires that the artist or band’s first commercial release must have come 25 years before to the year of nomination.

The new strategy comes as a way of “bringing in younger voters”, one voter told the outlet. It allows for a more balanced representation of music genres – beyond rock and roll – spanning from rap, country, and gospel to rhythm and blues.

“The Rock Hall is essentially covering all music now. It’s not relegated to classic rock in the traditional sense. But that’s the core of it and I still think it’s the most important part because of the legacy,” another voter added.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2023 inductees will be announced in May.