Cousins Enjoy Emotional Reunion After 20 Years Apart

Northern Ireland native Mark McCurdy was overcome with joy and surprise when he was unexpectedly reunited with a cousin he had not seen for 20 years.

McCardy was surprised by his cousin, Danny McCurdy, who’d been living in New Zealand for over two decades. He returned to his native Northern Ireland on a family holiday.

The video was recorded in Dunseverick in County Antrim by Danny’s daughter, Jessica.

Jessica described how the trip took place: “On Christmas Day of 2018 I suggested we plan a family holiday to Northern Ireland to visit/ meet our Irish family. My Dad then said we will keep it all a big surprise. We booked our flights and all the rest that came along and watched this trip fall into place.”

“For my brother Jacob (17) and myself (19), it was the first time visiting and meeting our big Irish family,” she said. The visit was made all the more poignant as Danny McCurdy’s father had passed away soon after Jessica was born. Talking about the video, Jessica had one last thing to say: “This is for you Poppa.” Credit: Jessica McCurdy via Storyful