New Coventry city centre pedestrian and cycle zone as drivers warned of restrictions

Pastel colours have been painted along Pepper Lane, with new art and a sign also put up
-Credit: (Image: Tom Davis, Local Democracy Reporter)

Drivers face new restrictions on where they can go in Coventry city centre from next week. A ban on cars at certain times of day is part of a new 'pedestrian and cycle zone' for streets by Broadgate and the cathedral.

Only drivers with permits or those who are otherwise "exempt" can use these roads from 10am to 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays, under the rules. The move was signed off by the council last week, May 23, and will be in force from June 3.

The zone covers Cuckoo Lane, Greyfriars Lane, Hay Lane, High Street, Pepper Lane, Priory Row, St Michaels Avenue, Trinity Churchyard and part of Bayley Lane. The rules are being brought in under an "experimental traffic order."


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This means it will be reviewed after a year and a half, and people have until 2 December to object to it being permanent. Vehicles that are "exempt" from the new zone include buses, hackney carriages and emergency services.

People who have properties which are included in the area can apply for permits, according to the order. A "statement of reasons" claimed the move will cut down on traffic in the streets and improve safety, access and amenity.

Two other traffic changes will also be brought in from next Monday. These are a new 'No Entry' rule barring access to the High Street from Little Park Street, next to the council house.

A ban on driving down part of Bayley Lane by the guildhall and cathedral will also be brought in, using lockable bollards. The move comes less than a year after the council introduced a new bus gate for nearby roads including Hales Street.

The schemes are part of a council plan to manage traffic in the city centre. A new red route and a cycle lane are part of this and were approved earlier this year.

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