Coventry home's 'foundations damaged' as yobs set off fire hydrant

A flashback to a broken hydrant in Wood End. There was an incident only a matter of weeks ago when a home was left damaged as a result of a similar incident
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Damage was caused to a woman's house after fire hydrant yobs struck once again in a Coventry community. The property in Wood End was left drenched by 'torrents of water' after vandals opened up a fire hydrant.

It caused damage to the structure of the house, including its foundations, as water cascaded onto the roof. West Midlands Fire Service not only condemned the action, but also said that it occupied precious resources that could have been needed at an emergency.

A fire engine and a 4×4 brigade response vehicle from Foleshill had to respond to the incident at the end of last month, and then had to return to the station because their own kit had been left drenched.

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The incident followed another at the end of May, when another hydrant was opened in the same area. It has prompted firefighters to urge people to put an end to the vandalism.

Jake Tinsley, watch manager at Foleshill Fire Station, said: "We are urging people to respect hydrants and not to damage them. It’s vital that our firefighters have access to working hydrants at all times. They are a hugely important resource that our crews regularly use to extinguish fires safely.

“We pride ourselves on responding to serious incidents in just five minutes. However, if we arrive to find a damaged hydrant this can unnecessarily delay or hamper our firefighting.

"Turning out to repair hydrants that have been damaged deliberately can also be an avoidable waste of our time and resources.."

It is not the first time there have been issues in Wood End. During the heatwave in 2022, there was a spate of incidents with fire crews threatened while trying to fix a hydrant that had been tampered with.

There have also been incidents elsewhere in the city in recent weeks with a fire hydrant let off in the Keresley area at the start of last month leaving some homes without water. Sophie Evans Young, regional water Lead at Severn Trent said: "Hydrant misuse is a serious matter which can impact the level and quality of supply to people in the local area, including vulnerable people. We strongly urge anyone who spots potential misuse of the water network to contact us at, or by reporting it on their website"

Councillor Pat Seaman, Henley Ward councillor, and cabinet member for children’s services at the city council, added: "The council and police work closely with the fire service and Severn Trent and that’s why we are backing the call urging people in the local community and across the city to help us tackle the problem.

"We are encouraging parents and carers to warn children about the dangers of hydrant vandalism, to both themselves and their wider community."

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