Coventry named 'desirable' place to live as it's included in list of affordable commuter destinations

Coventry and Rugby were named the top places to live within commutable distance to London
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Many places across the UK are desirable places to live such as London, but financially it's often not feasible. With rent prices over £2,000 per month on average, as well as increasing living costs and sky-rocketing childcare fees, many people are being priced out of the capital.

Due to the current economic climate, many people are finding ways to cut costs. But don't worry - whether you work in London or just enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, there are plenty of destinations where rent prices are cheaper, with easy access to London by train.

London Northwestern Railway revealed the six most affordable commuter destinations that Brits should know about, with Rugby hailing as the top, followed by Coventry. The study used the London Northwestern Railway website to find commuting times based on the shortest journeys between 6am and 9am on May 21.

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Rugby is described as a 'highly sought-after' and 'attractive' market town by LNR in Warwickshire. It has all the essentials from independent retailers, bars and restaurants, supermarkets, two retail parks with top high street stores, attractions, and a weekly market selling local fresh produce. The rental market is considered 'extremely affordable', and you can commute to central London in under an hour.

The average monthly rental price is £889 and you can commute to London within 57 minutes from Rugby train station.

Coventry came second, described as a 'vibrant, cultural and arts landscape' with a 'diverse food scene', cheap rent, world-class attractions, and 'brilliant schools'. The city has excellent rail and road links and is considered the perfect place for London commuters looking for an affordable place to live.

The average monthly rent price in Coventry is £926, with a commuting time of 1 hour and 20 minutes to London from Coventry Rail Station.

Other cities include Northampton, described as one of the 'biggest towns in the UK' which takes 50 minutes to London, Long Buckby which has 'cheap rent and varied housing' with a 1 hour and 8-minute commute to London, Leighton Buzzard with an average rent price of £1,090 with a 30-minute train ride to the capital and Watford which has the least commuting time of 15 minutes.

Many places are affordable and desirable to live along London Northwestern Railway's network that can get you to central London in as little as 15 minutes. Visit the London Northwestern Railway website and West Midlands Railway to find out more.

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