Coventry residents unhappy over burger joint's bid to stay open late

Coventry: Burger Boi, Daventry Road, Coventry
Coventry: Burger Boi, Daventry Road, Coventry -Credit:Reach

Coventry residents have hit out at plans by a fast food outlet to stay open until midnight. Burger Boi on Daventry Road in Cheylesmore has applied for permission to serve food an hour later than it can at the moment.

Council officers say it should get the go-ahead as no "responsible authorities" have any issues with the bid. But more than 30 locals have signed a petition calling for the council not to allow the move, saying it would have a "detrimental" effect on people living nearby.

Their appeal claims that the burger joint's activity does not just stop when it closes at 11pm - and say the same would happen if it stayed open later. "This is not acceptable to local residents, most of whom will be in bed at this time," it adds.


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Residents speak out over fears parking issues on Coventry road could block an ambulance

Two other residents have also voiced their concerns. One letter claims noise levels have gone up since the chain opened on the road two years ago.

The letter alleges there is "constant illegal parking of vehicles accessing the venue" causing risks for children and the elderly. There have been "near misses" for walkers trying to cross the road due to cars parked "dangerously," the letter says.

Another objection says locals are "plighted" every day with "inconsiderate parking" across drives and yellow lines. Litter is another concern raised in both letters.

Photos with meeting papers show cars parked on double yellow lines and on the pavement opposite the outlet, which is part of a parade of shops. The vehicles are mainly by the entrance to a junction with a cul-de-sac on the road.

Problems with parking in this area were raised by locals almost a year ago, as they called for bollards to block cars from waiting on the corners. At a council meeting to discuss this it was suggested temporary planters could go here in an effort to improve things.

The bid by Burger Boi will be considered at a council licensing hearing next week on May 13. Council officers have recommended the plan should be granted, but a licensing sub-committee made up of councillors will have the final say.

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