Coventry road closed after 'sinkhole appears'

Greens Road remains closed in Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Jaspreet Kaur/CoventryLive)

A Coventry road will remain closed throughout the day after a sinkhole appeared. It was discovered on Greens Road in Keresley.

Barriers have been placed around the sinkhole, which was discovered on Friday (June 21). Repairs will be taking place today (Monday, June 24).

In a statement, Coventry City Council said the cones and barriers near the affected area should not be moved. Contractors will be on-site carrying out repairs throughout the day (June 24).

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Sinkholes form when water dissolves surface rock and can be caused by heavy rain and flooding, National Geographic said. Residents said they were 'shocked' when in July last year a large hole opened up on Sewall Highway in Wyken.

It was discovered on Friday, June 21
It was discovered on Friday, June 21 -Credit:Jaspreet Kaur/CoventryLive

A spokesman for Coventry City Council said: “We have been made aware of a small sinkhole that has appeared in Greens Road. We have temporarily closed the road as a safety precaution, and have put some cones and barriers around the sinkhole.”

“Repairs will start on Monday, June 24. We have asked that residents do not move cones or barriers near the affected area. Thank you for your patience,” the spokesman added.

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