Coventry school installs temporary classroom as more people move to city

Moat House Community Primary School in Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Google Maps)

A Coventry school has installed a temporary classroom so it can take on extra pupils. The prefabricated block at Moat House Community Primary School was built "as a matter of urgency" back in January, council plans say.

It was done to help the council's education team ensure there are enough childcare places in the city, it adds. The building is planned to be in place for four years while a so-called "bulge" class of 30 pupils attends the school.

Describing the use of the current site, an application by the council said: "Existing education facility. Additional bulge class of 30 pupils required for 4 years."


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City councillors were told of a lack of capacity at Coventry schools at a meeting earlier this year. The squeeze on spaces is being driven by high levels of people moving to the city, and not as many leaving, they heard.

3D view of the temporary classroom block at Moat House school, Coventry
3D view of the temporary classroom block at Moat House school, Coventry -Credit:R. G. Stones Buildings

As well as Moat House school, others in the city are temporarily expanding by taking on an extra class of pupils in one year group. Seven bulge classes have been added to schools across the city and more are planned for September, according to a report for the meeting in April.

Planning officers at Coventry council confirmed the modular classroom at Moat House is a lawful development decision last week, 3 July. The single-storey block by R. G. Stones Buildings is on "amenity land" at the school and has a storeroom, toilet and reception as well as a classroom.

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