Coventry school where children 'flourish' praised by Ofsted

Alderman's Green Primary School received a 'Good' rating in its latest Ofsted report
-Credit: (Image: Coventry Telegraph)

A primary school in Coventry has been described as 'thoroughly inclusive' with a 'strong sense of pupil pride', and has received praise from Ofsted. Parents say their 'children flourish' at Aldermans Green Primary School on Aldermans Green Road.

Inspectors visited the school on Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22. The school received an overall 'Good' rating with 'Outstanding' ratings in four categories: behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management, personal development, and early years provision.

Inspectors noticed that pupils share the school's motto of 'everyone believes in us, and we believe in ourselves' and display the school values daily. They talk confidently about the values of kindness, collaboration, resilience, pride, and responsibility.

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Pupils who are elected to 'college captain' roles lead weekly assemblies to congratulate peers who demonstrate their values. Pupils eagerly anticipate prizes in assemblies and golden lunches with senior leaders to reward their success.

Leaders work closely with the trust to help pupils explore their talents and interests. They enjoy various experiences through the school's '11B411' enrichment programme to embrace opportunities via performing arts, sporting events, and adventurous activities. The school also strongly promotes ambitions among all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Inspectors added that Alderman's Green has an 'ambitious' curriculum where leaders have thought carefully about what pupils need to learn and when. Teachers are said to have good subject knowledge and use this to develop new ideas and vocabulary, where the teachings of Maths, English, and foundation subjects are consistent throughout.

In Maths, staff follow clear guidance that enables pupils' knowledge to build with lots of opportunities to practise new skills. In many subjects, pupils confidently talk about their learning and understanding of new vocabulary. They are also committed to ensuring every pupil develops a love of reading.

Staff are confident when teaching reading. Where pupils need extra help, staff quickly identify what they need and provide high-quality interventions. The reading curriculum is described as 'aspirational' where pupils have access to a wide range of reading resources and quickly become confident readers.

In Nursery and Reception, pupils learn about important rhymes and sounds, supported by adults who get them off to a 'flying start' in reading, inspectors say. Pupils talk enthusiastically about the books they read, and teachers choose books to encourage discussions on a wide range of topics.

The school starts the foundations for success in the early years' provision, where children are excited to learn and their focus and co-operation are 'impressive'. Staff make the most of every opportunity to engage children in conversation via songs, rhymes and books which are at the heart of everyday teaching.

Leaders identify the needs of pupils well, where personalised goals are set for each pupil. Staff provide skilled support and guide pupils to do their best. Staff are also highly skilled in encouraging children to speak in full sentences and share their ideas and feelings. Pupils across the school express themselves well, discuss current issues and world news, and listen to the views of others with respect.

Inspectors also noticed that pupils understand the importance of good relationships. Those who take on leadership roles such as well-being ambassadors, help pupils make friends and play together. Staff also deal with behaviour calmly and consistently, and the focus on repairing and restoring relationships is at the heart of the school's exemplary behaviour management.

Pride and ambition run through all aspects of school life, where the trust promotes a strong research culture and invests regularly in staff development. Staff are said to be highly motivated and proud to be part of Alderman's Green.

To view the full Ofsted report and previous inspections at Alderman's Green Primary School, visit the Ofsted website.

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