Coventry takeaway late licence granted amid parking fears and deep disappointment

Cars parked on the pavement and double yellow lines on Daventry Road opposite Burger Boi (Image: meeting papers)
-Credit: (Image: (Image: meeting papers))

A burger joint in Coventry will be able to serve food until midnight despite objections from locals. Burger Boi in Cheylesmore can stay open for business until 12am, a committee agreed today, June 4.

The decision has left local residents in the Daventry Road area - and a local councillor - feeling "disappointed." But they added that they hope the eatery respects their concerns and one called for harmony in the area.

The hearing took place this morning without the applicant, MTB foods, being present. A council licensing officer said the business had been contacted several times but had received no answer.

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Councillors heard that more than 30 people had signed a petition objecting to the bid. Local resident Elizabeth Treacy said it has been a "nightmare of noise and disturbance" since the eatery opened two years ago.

She said anti-social behaviour is seen in the evenings, including "urination on neighbouring walls." She claimed residents had told Burger Boi of their concerns but a "late gathering" took place there at the beginning of last month - leading residents to question how seriously it takes their concerns.

Ms Treacy added: "We wish Burger Boi much success during their current trading hours, and we do wish for harmony to be restored." But she concluded that up to 11pm is "more than sufficient" adding: "it's a residential area."

Cheylesmore councillors and concerned residents outside Coventry council house after a hearing on Burger Boi's licence bid was postponed. Pictured May 13, 2024
Cheylesmore councillors and concerned residents outside Coventry council house after a hearing on Burger Boi's licence bid was postponed. Pictured May 13, 2024 -Credit:LDRS

Cllr Roger Bailey also raised the issue of problem parking in the area. But the council's solicitor said parking is not a consideration for licensing.

She also said in response to councillor questions that late night noise has been reported in images and videos sent to them. Several residents attended the meeting and three other people living on the road sent in their objections.

But in papers for the meeting council officers also recommended the bid be approved as no responsible authorities, such as police and environmental health, had objected. The committee said that they had given weight to this in their decision to grant the licence.

Sub-committee Chair Cllr Ram Lakha added that in the absence of the applicant, who did not attend for "reasons unknown," they considered its operating scheule and measures it will put in place. This includes regular inspections of the outside area and notices asking customers to keep noise down when leaving.

But Cllr Lakha also said they "sympathise to [the] concerns" and added that committee would like the business to continue to take the concerns of locals into account. The meeting also heard that licences can be reviewed after they are granted.

'Disappointment' at decision

Speaking after the meeting, a resident of the area said: "I feel very disappointed by the decision, as are all the local residents. We presented a comprehensive objection to late opening in the area, primarily 'late opening disturbances surrounded by sleeping people!'"

Ms Treacy said she is "disappointed with the decision made by the council. However we must respect their decision.

"Local residents can gain comfort in the knowledge that we have done right by raising our concerns. All we can do now is wish Burger Boi every success and in return hope they consider and respect our concerns, bringing harmony back to the locals that have been affected.

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"We politely ask that those visiting the area park legally, put any litter in the bins provided and keep noise to a minimum, especially during unsociable hours." Cllr Bailey said he is "disappointed" with the decision on behalf of people living nearby. He said he hopes the business can take people's concerns into consideration.

In response to residents' concerns last month Burger Boi told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): "We take these concerns very seriously and are committed to being good neighbours within the community, which we personally feel such a huge part of."

They said at the time they would address any concerns in a responsible manner if the later opening was allowed, and pledged to work on solutions to parking issues.

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