Coventry University admits job losses after BBC Question Time revelation

The Coventry University has admitted that a review will 'will likely see the overall size of our workforce will reduce.'
-Credit: (Image: CoventryLive/Tristan Potter)

Coventry University has admitted it faces making job losses after a revelation on BBC Question Time revelation An audience during the broadcast of the BBC1 programme on Thursday night (May 24), told the panel: "Coventry University today announced going into consultation for possibly redundancies in October."

CoventryLive put the claims to the university, where the BBC show was filmed from, and a spokesperson said they are 'reviewing' how they deal with the financial crisis.

They said that, as a result of the review, they 'anticipate it is likely the overall size of our workforce will reduce.' It is no secret that the university, like others up and down the country, is struggling financially and it is feeling the impact of the government's bid to control immigration by cutting student numbers.

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But the statement says that it has 'significant reserves and assets' to help make the changes needed to make sure that it can continue to provide services to students and its partners. The full statement reads: " Coventry University Group has been sector-leading in diversifying income away from tuition fees, transforming into a global education group that also delivers teacher training, apprenticeships, exec education and CPD to various industries and government bodies with collaborations around the world.

"We have been very open that the significant financial pressures facing the higher education sector mean we now need to go further and faster with this transformation, while continuing to maintain and improve services to students and our business and research partners.

"We must find our own solution to the financial crisis that has been created for us and that obviously includes reviewing what we do and how we do it. As we conduct these reviews, we will protect jobs where possible but we anticipate it is likely the overall size of our workforce will reduce.

"We have significant reserves and assets which give us space to make the changes needed to build a financially sustainable future while continuing to improve services to our students and business and research partners."

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