Tell us: What questions do you have about COVID-19's impact on business?

Crisis Management, a new live show presented by Yahoo Finance Canada.

As COVID-19 lockdowns and government restrictions continue to impact the Canadian economy, many small and medium-sized businesses are grappling with critical questions about how to deal with the pandemic.

Many businesses across the country are facing declining demand and shrinking revenues. Some have had to shift their operations to have at least some cash flow during this tumultuous time. Many more are worried about how to make rent payments when, in some cases, they have no revenue.

This is why the team at Yahoo Finance Canada decided to launch Crisis Management, a live show dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses navigate their way through the coronavirus pandemic.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, strategy expert Mark Satov will answer the most pressing questions facing businesses right.

So, we want to hear from you. If you’re a business owner and have questions about how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, leave it in the comment section below. Tell us about your business, the challenges you’re facing, and what you’re most concerned about. You can also email and we’ll make sure your question is answered.

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