COVID-19: More 'mutations of concern' found in Bristol and Liverpool, says Matt Hancock

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More coronavirus "mutations of concern" have been found in Bristol and Liverpool, the health secretary has announced.

Matt Hancock said 11 were identified in Bristol and 32 in Liverpool, with the government taking the "same approach" as the surge testing drive in eight postcodes where the South African COVID-19 variant has been spread by community transmission.

In a statement to the Commons on Tuesday, he said: "In all these areas it is imperative that people must stay at home and only leave home where it is absolutely essential.

"When your local authority offers you a test you should take up the offer, because we know that one in three people with coronavirus have no symptoms but can still pass it on.

"We're offering testing to everyone aged 16 and over, even if you have been vaccinated.

"And if you live in one of those areas but have not been contacted and you're unsure if you should have a test, I encourage you to visit your local authority website to find out."