Covid cases rise among school age children in London

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Confirmed Covid cases have risen among school age children in London, official figures have revealed.

They show that the seven-day infection rate for the ten to 14 age group went up from 1,187.3 confirmed cases per 100,000 on December 31 to 1,624.7 in the week to January 8.

It rose from 965.1 for five to nine-year-olds on December 27 to 1,111.9 on the 8th.

The recent highs are both lower than levels among these age groups in the run-up to Christmas, and the rises may be partly linked to the return to school and more testing.

Overall the seven-day rate continued to fall in London to 1,526.5 on the 8th, with the highest rate among 20 to 24-year-olds, at 2,300.2.

Crucially, infections continue to fall among Londoners aged 60 and over, who are more vulnerable to the virus but are largely vaccinated, down to a seven-day rate of 927.7 on the 8th, and for those 59 and below to 1,645.4.

The daily announced cases for the capital also continued to drop, with 13,938 on Thursday.

The number of Covid patients in London’s hospitals fell to 3,662 on Thursday, compared to 4,074 on January 5, with 217 so ill that they are on ventilators.

The latest figures show 314 patients were admitted with coronavirus on Tuesday.

Around one in three patients with Covid in the capital’s hospitals were admitted primarily for another health reason.

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