Covid vaccination centres attacked amid anger over new rules

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Police were on Monday investigating a suspected arson attack on a vaccination centre in south-western France.

The mayor of the town of Urrugne, near Biarritz, said he was told about the fire at 3am on Sunday morning.

Visiting the scene, he said it was clear that inflammable liquid had been splashed around the area.

Firefighters were able to limit the damage and it is expected that vaccinations at the centre will resume on Wednesday.

It is the second such incident.

On Friday night a centre in south-eastern France near Grenoble was vandalised and flooded with fire hoses.

Anti-vaccination graffiti was scrawled near the centre in Lans-en-Vercors.

New rules on vaccination

It is thought the incidents are the work of protestors who are angry in particular over two recent measures introduced by the government that will make life difficult for non-vaccinated citizens.

Access to most public places in France will soon be impossible without a ‘health pass’ showing that the holder is either fully vaccinated or has recently tested negative for Covid-19.

Meanwhile vaccination against the virus is to become compulsory for health workers.

On Saturday, more than 100,000 people took to the streets across France to denounce the rules, accusing the government of violating their liberty.

Spike in demands for vaccination

There has however been a sharp increase in appointments for vaccinations since 12 July when President Emmanuel Macron announced rules on vaccinations.

Scientists are warning of a possible fourth wave during the summer as so far just over half of the population has received a first vaccination while less than 40 percent are fully vaccinated.

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