Cow Saved From Frozen Lake Amid Extreme Cold in Siberia

A cow was rescued in Amga, a town in Russia’s eastern Yakutia region where temperatures in mid-January hovered around -50°C (-58°F), after falling into a drinking hole that had been cut into an ice-covered lake, according to local authorities.

The fire service in Yakutia, which is officially called the Republic of Sakha, said cows in the area were used to the extreme conditions and would often make their own way to the lake to quench their thirst.

When a cow fell in on Wednesday, January 11, firefighters spent 20 minutes pulling the cow out to safety, they said.

The animal’s owner said he had only left his cows unattended for a minute, the fire service added.

Extremely low temperatures were forecast to continue through mid-January as an Arctic air mass moved over Siberia. Credit: Yakutia State Fire Service via Storyful

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