'Coward' Trump Mocked After 2 Backpedaling Announcements In A Row

Donald Trump is getting mocked on social media after making two announcements in a row on Thursday.

First, the former president canceled his big news conference on Monday, when he had promised to deliver “irrefutable” evidence of 2020 presidential election fraud in a “CONCLUSIVE” report that would lead to “a complete EXONERATION.”

Trump and his allies have failed to produce any such evidence in the nearly three years since the 2020 election despite constantly claiming to have it.

Now Trump claims the evidence will be presented in legal filings instead.

“Therefore, the News Conference is no longer necessary!” he wrote on his Truth Social website.

And second, he fired off a message indicating he won’t participate in next week’s Republican presidential debate.

“People know my Record, one of the BEST EVER, so why would I Debate?” he wrote.

Trump’s critics mocked him for backing down in both cases: