'Cowardly bully' who punched ex-girlfriend so hard she lost a tooth has been jailed

Waqas Khan
Waqas Khan

A 'BULLY and a coward' who punched the mother of his son so hard in the mouth that she lost one of her teeth has been jailed.

Waqas Khan appeared at Preston Crown Court charged with causing grievous bodily harm and two counts of breaching a non-molestation order imposed on him in May.

The order was made in respect of his ex-partner, Lauren Entwistle, who was also the mother of his two-year-old son.

Miss Entwistle had applied for the application after two years of violence at the hands of Khan, of Richmond Terrace, Darwen, which began while she was pregnant.

The court heard how just fourth months after the order was imposed, Khan, under the pretence of being concerned for his son's welfare, turned up at Miss Entwistle's Darwen home with his cousin at around 1am on September 19, demanding to be let in.

Prosecuting, Alison Heyworth told the court: "Miss Entwistle refused the defendant entry but he banged on the door and forced his way inside.

"They began arguing about their child as social services had recently become involved.

"He pushed her into the couch and she told him to leave. He then punched her in the face with his right fist and knocked one of her teeth out and left two hanging by a thread.

"He then told her she deserved it before running from the house, leaving Miss Entwistle covered in blood.

"She needed emergency treatment on her mouth as well as medication for pain.

"She suffered bruises and lacerations to her mouth."

Khan, 34, was arrested later on September 19 but refused to comment during police interview.

He initially pleaded not guilty and the matter was due to go to trial before he changed his plea to guilty on all counts.

Defending, Betsy Hindle said her client had a relatively limited antecedence, with only two other offences on his record, both of unrelated matters.

Judge Philip Parry said: "You instilled in your victim fear and terror, you were yelling and shouting and it was frightening.

"Like a coward and a bully you then punched her fully in the face which left a tooth fully out and left two hanging by a thread.

"What wickedly and cowardly behaviour by you, with your child and your niece present.

"Your barrister said only moments ago that you regretted your actions immediately, but that is nonsense as what you said to her was 'you deserved that' and ran from the house.

"I don't for one minute think you accept your culpability for your actions that night.

"Your actions have had a significant impact on Lauren Entwistle and you are assessed by probation to have a risk of re-offending."

Judge Parry sentenced Khan, to two years and three months in prison and issued a five year restraining order in respect of Miss Entwistle.