Cows Mesmerized by Young Girl Playing Flute

Three cows became an audience for an 11-year-old’s flute rendition of the children’s tune ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ on a farm in Bedford, Virginia.

Video recorded by Tara Kamprath shows her daughter Jessica capturing the attention of their two British White cows and an Angus steer.

Tara told Storyful Jessica was on her way to show her neighbor the new song she had learned when the moment happened.

“[Jessica] stopped and played a song for the cows. Their reaction was amazing. I had never seen them held so captive with such focus,” Tara told Storyful.

Tara said the moment has opened up the possibility for future cattle concerts.

“I actually stopped the video too early – the cows came all the way to the fence line, which they rarely do unless we have treats to give. At one point I thought the cows might try to come through the fence to get as close as possible to the music,” she said.

“This experience has really opened our eyes to the power of music with farm animals and we plan on having future concerts for our animals. All 80 of them!” Credit: Tara Kamprath via Storyful

Video transcript


- I'm going to have this ready whenever.

I'm going to have this ready whenever.