Coyote Found in California Middle School Bathroom

A coyote snuck into a middle school in Riverside, California, on Monday, October 3, and was found by an animal control officer hiding out in a bathroom stall.

Footage from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) shows the coyote beside the toilet in a bathroom stall in Mission Middle School, before it is captured and released.

According to RCDAS, the coyote was discovered by staff on the school grounds before classes had started, and they called RCDAS after the frightened coyote ran into the open bathroom.

The staff nicknamed their unusual guest “Wile E”, after the Looney Tunes character.

Officer Will Luna of the RCDAS successfully captured and released the coyote away from the school grounds.

“Bon voyage,” he told the coyote as it ran back into the wild. Credit: Riverside County Department of Animal Services via Storyful

Video transcript

WILL LUNA: All right. We're at a school where they said there was a coyote in a bathroom. So, well, that's not a pup. That's a full-grown coyote. Oh, boy, let's get you-- very scared. Hey, guy, [CLICKS TONGUE] let's get you out of here. But I found a spot to let him go. It's becoming more and more difficult to relocate them with all of the development and new homes. So let's set this down, so I can let him out. [INAUDIBLE] [? go ?] for my coyote. Come on, man.


Right. See you later, man. Bon voyage. Run, run, run. There he is. He's free as a bird. I feel better now. My job is done-- well, for this call.