Crack cocaine dealer is spared jail after ‘tragic death’ of his dad

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Crack cocaine dealer is spared jail after ‘tragic death’ of his dad
Crack cocaine dealer is spared jail after ‘tragic death’ of his dad

A DEALER who turned to “drink and crack cocaine” after the death of his father has been spared jail.

Kyle Grant, 25, of Hardy Court, Rochford operated the “James line” in Southend which saw Class A drugs supplied to users across Southend.

Basildon Crown Court was told Grant’s father had died of motor neurone disease and he lost three other family members in three months, leading him to become more involved in the supply of drugs.

Prosecuting Oliver Weetch said: “On November 11, 2020 he was found with crack cocaine at his home and there was evidence of him being concerned with supply of the drugs.

“In September 2020 police went to his home and saw him talking to another class A drug user, he was detained and he dropped wraps of crack cocaine.


“Police found more wraps and seized a phone for the drugs line called James that supplied class A drugs in Southend.

“There were bulk marketing messages for other users.”

Mitigating Daniel Jones said his client played a lesser role in the drugs operation.

He told the court: “He was addicted to the drugs and has an insight into the impact of his offences. He shows genuine remorse and taken real steps to address the addiction and offences.

“He has a real capacity for change and he’s hoping to peruse his passion in cooking with fish. He is engaged and his father died of motor neurone disease, causing him overwhelming trauma.

“He dealt with his grief wrong by turning to drink and eventually crack cocaine.”

Sentencing Grant Judge Samantha Cohen said his involvement in the Class A drugs was an “extremely serious matter.”

She said: “I am sure you are aware of the impact of Class A drugs on people - it’s a surge and causes misery to addicts, their families and the public as people rob, steal and burgle.

“You became involved after the death of your father who died due to a tragic illness. You tried to block it out with drugs.”

He was sentenced to 20 months in prison suspended for 20 months and ordered to carry out 30 days or rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours unpaid work.

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