Craig David hails 'wholesome moment' he's spotted in London and sings for fan but some think it's staged

Craig David on stage
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Craig David has hailed the 'wholesome' moment he was spotted standing by the River Thames and sang for a fan. The R&B singer was spotted 'typing on his phone' on London's Victoria Embankment, opposite the Millennium Wheel, when a woman approached filming him on her phone. "Oh my gosh are you Craig David? Could you sing for me Fill Me In , it's my favourite song?" she asked.

In a moment that appears to have been staged, Craig stops randomly tapping his thumbs, says 'I mean, yeah' then sings 'Why were you creeping round late last night? Why did I see two shadows moving in your bedroom light? Now your dressed in black, when I left you were dressed in white. Can you fill me in?"

These two, however, appear to be random fans that were lucky enough to walk past Craig during his apparent TikTok stunt which was posted to his own TikTok page with the caption 'What a wholesome moment this was. Grateful beyond words. The end of the video is something special'.

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The woman taking the video then thanks him, and pans to two more adoring women. They laugh and say they thought it was Craig, but couldn't be sure. Craig says he was 'just vibing', before the elderly ladies ask him for a picture by the river. After some more laughs, the threesome then posed together before thanking Craig and telling him they love his music.

You can watch the video below

Craig David fans flooded the comments, saying 'what a nice man' he is and how happy the video made them. Some fans even shared the track they would have asked him to sing if they had met him in the street. "If I had to choose it would have to be 'Walking Away' I'd ask him to sing, arguably my favourite with 'Rendezvous' marginally behind," a fan named Dan wrote.

Craig also enjoyed the surprise meeting. In a caption under the video, he wrote: "What a wholesome moment this was. Grateful beyond words. The end of the video is something special."

Some fans were a bit sceptical about the set up though as he continued tapping both thumbs on his phone while looking at the woman as if he is texting, but his thumbs never move position. One user wrote: "Like he was just standing there for nothing." Another user added: "He presses on the phone without looking."

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