Cramped Conditions for Afghan Evacuees at US Airbase in Qatar

Afghan evacuees were seen huddled on camp beds inside a hangar at the US Al Udeid Air Base in Doha, Qatar, video posted on August 19 shows.

Sayed Harris filmed the videos showing men, women, and children sitting and lying on the temporary beds, while others make their way through the small walkways.

Harris told Storyful he had arrived to the airbase from Kabul on August 19, having made his way through security at Kabul airport the night before.

He said, “I was in Kabul Airport since 2am two nights ago. Everyone waited at the North Gate and special units were in charge of security. After 12 hours they opened the door for only five minutes before they chose to shut it down for everyone. They didn’t know how to control the crowd.”

“I ran away from them because one of them noticed my camera and I went to another gate with is near the Russian road and there were Americans and Afghans holding security and thats how I got through the airport,” [sic] he said. Credit: Sayed Harris via Storyful

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