'Crazy': Mosh Pit Forms Around Fire at Phoenix Slipknot Concert

Fans at a Slipknot concert in Phoenix formed a mosh pit around a fire that was started in the crowd at the band’s November 2 show in the city.

The band were performing at the Ak-Chin Pavilion as part of their Knotfest roadshow.

A journalist who was at the show, John Marshall, said a fire truck was “outside the gate” as he exited the venue. Others on social media said the show was disrupted.

Jaclyn Lefebvre, who recorded this video, told Storyful: “It started as a small fire with people throwing in shirts and then eventually people were throwing in chairs.”

Lefebvre said the show was paused “to get the fire under control and then eventually restarted.” She described the scene as “crazy” in her Instagram post, Credit: Jaclyn Lefebvre via Storyful

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