Creator of world’s most-viewed photograph in Windows XP has made some 'sequels'

Rob Waugh

It’s the most-viewed photograph in human history, although many of us barely noticed it was there – the sunny Californian landscape in the background of Windows XP.

The photograph, entitled Bliss, was taken in 1996 by photographer Charles O’Rear, who shot it on Sonoma Highway in California.

It’s been viewed by a billion people, and O’Rear has now made a set of free screen saver landscapes for phones in his own unique style.

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O’Rear said, ‘I am turning 76 and realise how much the Microsoft Bliss photograph has meant to my life.’

Charles O’Rear

‘As the photographer of the most viewed photo in history, I have enjoyed every minute of the fame.’

Charles O’Rear (Oct 11, 2017)

His New Angles of America collection is also based on American landmarks, and the images are free to download at

‘Smartphones have become the primary place for the world to see new and interesting photography and I’m glad to be part of it.’