Creepy worm 'with horns' crawls on dirty bathroom wall

This is the moment a creepy worm "with horns" was spotted crawling on a family's bathroom wall in Myanmar. Footage shows the slimy creature searching for a way outside the tiled room in Yangon on May 26. House owner Aung Aung said he thought the two pointy growth on its head were horns, but it turned out to be a hammerhead worm when he showed it to friends. He said: "It was the first time I saw such a strange worm with horns. And I found it inside my bathroom too." This hammerhead worm had a half-moon head, similar to a hammer. They are known to prey on earthworms, slugs, and insect larvae. They are most often found in tropical and subtropical regions since they need high humidity. They prefer cool, damp habitats, and because they are light-sensitive, they feed at night. It produces venom that can cause skin irritation in humans.