Crew and Passengers Get on Board With Mid-Flight Revival of Mannequin Challenge

A surprising scene was recorded midair on April 18, as a South Yorkshire team en route to a dance championship in Orlando, Florida, got nearly everyone on board their flight to take part in a picture perfect revival of the mannequin challenge.

The video was recorded by Suzanne O’Hara of Intensity Cheer and Dance, who are based in Rotherham, and shows passengers and crew alike freezing to striking effect.

O’Hara told Storyful that the team were flying from Manchester to attend the Dance Worlds contest, held in Florida from April 22-24.

“Our dance team was trying to kill time on the nine-hour flight,” she said. “Chatting to the other passengers, we decided to bring back an old trend.” Credit: Intensity Cheer and Dance via Storyful

Video transcript