Crews Work 24-7 to Stabilize Oroville Dam's Spillway

The California Department of Water Resources temporarily shutdown a power plant near the Oroville Dam and continued to work to stabilize the dam’s spillway over the weekend.

The Hyatt Power Plant was restarted on Friday, March 3, before it was shut down temporarily to make way for the work at the dam and the spillway. The one to two day shutdown is so workers can dredge the channel and bring the power plant to a better capacity. It also gives officials another way to release water from the reservoir other than the spillway.

The spillway was shutdown at the end of February to allow crews to remove debris from the base of the dam and spillway. Crews removed 329,000 cubic yards of the 1.7 million cubic yards of debris so far, according to a press release. Crews have been working 24-7 to remove the debris, and this video shows work done over the weekend.

The spillway was damaged from erosion in early February after heavy rainstorms in the region. Fearing the spillway would fail, officials evacuated downstream communities for several days. After the emergency spillway and the reservoir’s level returned to a lower level, people were allowed to return home. Credit: California Department of Water Resources via Storyful

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