Crieff High Scgool celebration sees bright future

CRIEFF High School’s award ceremony took place in the parish church on Monday evening.

All those attending were welcomed by the newly formed Crieff High School Pipe Band.

The evening is held to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of the pupils and reflect on the school year past.

In her opening speech headteacher Mrs Christine Ross looked back over the session, which she said had, as always, been a busy one.

Discussing some of the new Skills for Work courses which the pupils can now sign up for, Mrs Ross stressed the school’s desire to continue involving key players from the community in the learning process.

She explained that the school had continued to develop its curriculum on a global stage, saying: “As I speak we have groups in China and Cognac visiting our partner schools.

“Indeed, over the last week it has become just another part of my day to receive text updates from our team in Beijng.

“We have also had very successful trips to the World War I battlefields, to Greece and, of course, the annual ski trip which is a key feature of the Crieff High School calendar.”

Mrs Ross took the opportunity to record her gratitude and admiration for all staff, parents and member of the community who work so hard and give so generously of their time to make these trips possible.

Describing this as a time of “huge excitement and opportunity for Strathearn”, Mrs Ross then moved to the future of the school and the opening of the new community campus in November.

She said: “This year, as we look back, we cannot help but look forward. On a daily basis our new school grows before our eyes. The new building will afford state-of-the-art facilities in every department, give us the flexibility we need to deliver 21st century education and help us promote lifelong learning to the benefit of our whole community.

“Strathearn Community Campus has as its vision the provision of high quality opportunities, experiences and learning for the people of Strathearn.

“As we prepare to enter this whole new era in the life of our school, can I reassure you that all that is important to us will remain the same: our commitment to a happy school where all members of our community are valued and given the opportunity to achieve their best, where people are at the centre of everything we do and where our priorities are to keep our young people safe, happy, attaining and achieving.”

Academic awards

Magna-Dry Prize for administration - Claire Taylor; Strathearn Gallery Prize in art and design - Euan O’Neill; Bank of Scotland Quaich in business management - Fiona Roxburgh; Graham Mickel & Co Prize for biology - Alasdair Bendall.

Crieff Hydro Hotel Prize in computing - Emily Bond; Royal Bank of Scotland Prize in chemistry - Gillian Mauchline and Rachel Wood; The Ewan McGregor Award for drama - Sophie Charleson; Valentine Cup for English - Alana Dawson & Alasdair Bendall; Graham & Finlayson Cup for Advanced Higher English - Ashleigh Johnson; Clydesdale Bank Prize in French - Michelle Lockhart; Crieff Townswomen Guild Cup for geography - Euan O’Neill; Masonic Jubilee Cup in German - Sophie Charleson; Miller Hendry Prize in graphic communication - Shoni Tavendale and Mark Pettigrew; Cup for Excellence in Higher human biology - Rowan Cook; Ross Trophy for excellence in history - Chloe Baldwin; Mrs Morrison’s Centenary Prize for home economics - Kathryn Brodell; The Perth College Hospitality Cup - Shaun Stenhouse; Crieff Rotary Club’s Trophy for mathematics - Euan O’Neill; prize for modern languages - Michelle Lockhart; Strathearn Herald Prize for music - Georgina Farrell; Crieff High School Cup for modern studies - Grant Maxwell; The Allan Gilbert Clark Cup for excellence in numeracy - Aimee Morris; Arduthie Hotel Prize for physical education - Colin Sleigh; Miller Hendry Prize for technological studies - Alexander Gavin; Masonic Jubilee Cup for physics - Olivia Steele; prize for product design - Mark Pettigrew; Ecumenical Cup for excellence in religious, moral and philosophical studies - Jessica Shenton.

District Council Medal for dux of the school - Olivia Steele (S5), Colin Sleigh (S6), Jamie Sleigh (S6).

Special achievement awards

The Soroptimist Award for personal achievement - Caitlin Buchanan; The Frazer Waugh Memorial Prize for computing - Jack Luke; The Alex “Purry” MacGregor Shield for sports achievement - Peter Muirhead; The Danny Murphy Trophy for junior citizenship - Fraser Moore; The J C Dougall Citizenship Cup - Kate Appleby; The Amanda Lees Quaich for endeavour - Fraser West; The Anna Visscher Quaich for personal achievement - Christopher Hamilton; The Parent Staff Partnership Award for valuing a volunteer - Ellie Williams; The Dundee University Prize for effort - Chloe Baldwin; The Waterstone’s Prize for reader of the year - Caitlin Jack.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards: bronze certificates - Chloe Baldwin, Rachel Bruce, Kirsty Scott, Olivia Steele, Shoni Tavendale. Silver certificates - Rachel Bruce, Euan O’Neill, Olivia Steele, Mhairi Tavendale, Shoni Tavendale, Rachel Wilson.

Sports awards

Sports: senior girl - Shoni Tavendale; senior boy - Peter Muirhead; S3 girl - Bryony Goodwin and Samantha Tod; S3 boy - Nathan Kirley; S2 girl - Aimee Bilsland and Sharon Dawson; S2 boy - Corey Boyle; S1 girl - Isla Bendall; S1 boy - Keir Cramb.

Swimming gala: senior girl - Olivia Steele; senior boy - Matthew Smith; junior girl - Iona Tavendale; junior boy - Mitchell Lewis; Swimming Shield - Turret.

Cross country: S1 girl - Iona Tavendale; S1 boy - Ciaran Reilly; S2 girl - Aimee Bilsland; S2 boy - Mark Reilly; S3 girl - Bryony Goodwin; S3 boy - Nathan Kirley; S4 girl - Annabell Scott; S4 boy - Callum Sandilands; senior girl - Shoni Tavendale; senior boy - Jamie Sleigh.

Most improved rugby player: boy - Robert Garner; girl - Juliette Farrell; rugby player of the year: girl - Isla Bendall; boy - (S1/2) Angus Cramb; (S3/4) Callum Sandilands. Football player of the year: boy - Connor Stewart; girl - Lorna MacLarty. Junior school PE prize - Isla Bendall; Standard Grade physical education award - Darren Beattie. House Championship Cup and Shield - Kelty.

Effort, progress and attainment (EPA) awards


Kirsten Alexander - E; Leigh-Ann Allan - EPA; Isla Bendall - EPA; Juliet Caldwell - EPA; Emma Carter - P; Olivia Carter - EP; Sarah Clegg - EPA; Abby Dawson - EA; Grant Fairweather - E; Juliette Farrell - EPA; Nathan Gannon - EP; Louise Gordon - E; Jakub Grabowski - EP; Bethan Hallgarth - EPA; Mairi Henderson - P; Ross Hepburn - P; Megan Hunter - EPA; Abbie Kay - EP; Jodie Lang - EPA; Hannah Laycock - EP; Cole Luke - E P; Sarah-Jane MacGregor - EA; Mae Mackay - EPA; Lorna MacLarty - P; Abbey McLean - EPA; Ben Murphy - A; Emily Payne - EPA; Kelly Ramsay - E; Hannah Reid - P; Indiana Reid - EP; Katy Scott - A; Niamh Stewart - EP; Iona Tavendale - EPA; Heather Taylor - A; Madeleine Watson - EPA; Katie Wishart - EPA; Natalie Young - EPA.


Daria Apanowicz - EP; Eve Caldwell - EPA; Sabrena Craib - E; Danniella Davidson - P; Sharon Dawson - PA; Elizabeth Donaldson - E; Eilidh Eacott - EPA; Fraser Ford - E; Hannah Gillies - EPA; Leah Gunn - EP; Suzanne Hackett - EPA; Sian Hislop - E; Harry Kettle - EPA; Sommer Lewis - E; Jennifer Logan - EP; Amy Macaskill - EPA; Lauren Mayor -EPA; Megan McGinley - EPA; Amy McShane - A; Fraser Moore - E; Katriona Moore - E; Andrew O'Neill - EPA; Mhari Philp - EPA; Jemma Porter - EP; Richard Pringle - E; Sarah Rattray - EP; Emma Robertson - EP; Kasha Rogowska - EP; Louise Ruff - EPA; Rebecca Steele - EPA; Katie Stewart - EP; Fidra Sym - EP; Ruaridh Syme - EPA; Bethany Tuckley - EPA; Lottie van Grieken - EPA.


Cherrisse Anderson - E; Christopher Bendall - A; Gavin Bruce - P; Laura Clegg - EPA; Amber Comrie - E; Jack Condie - E; Elaine Craig - EP; Louisa Crane - E; Beth Douglas - EPA; Hannah-Louise Drummond - E; Michael Duthie - EP; Hazel Fotheringham - E; Bryony Goodwin - EPA; Sophie Hallgarth - E; Meghan Hamer - EPA; Emma Harvey - EPA; Kirstyn Ivey - E; Shannon Kerr - P; Flora MacKeddie - P; Charmain MacLeod - EP; Jasmine Mayall - EPA; Heather McCartney - E; James McFarlane - A; Peter McGregor - EPA; Angus McKee - A; Jamie O'Reilly - E; Briagha Roger - EP; Kirsty Roxburgh - EP; Wesley Russell - E; Eilidh Simpson - A; Joy Sinclair - E; Hayely Smith - E; Jamie Smith - EP; Samantha Tod - E; Ruth Wilkinson - E; Ellenor Youngs - EPA.


Kenneth Baird - EA; Amelia Bayler - PA; Stefan Brzeski - EP; Laura Buick - EPA; Emily Butler - EPA; Joanna Christie - E; Megan Day - E; Hannah Dingwall - EPA; Rebecca Dodge - EPA; Chloe Finlayson - EPA; Duncan Graham - EP; Ross Henderson - E; Suzanne Issa - EPA; Emilie Leger - EP; Chris MacGregor - EPA; Gemma McColl - EP; Katie McConnell - EPA; Cally Merritt - EP; Catherine Payne - EPA; Georgia Reid - EP; Callum Sandilands - EP; Annabel Scott - EPA; Catriona Smith - PA; Ashleigh Taylor - E; Mairi Wilson - PA; Tilly Wilton - EP.


Ross Alexander - EPA; Chloe Baldwin - PA; Alasdair Bendall - EP; Kathryn Broddell - EP; Rachael Bruce - EPA; Sophie Charleson - PA; Rowan Cook - EPA; Alana Dawson - EP; Sarah-Jane Drummond - EPA; Georgina Farrell - PA; Suzanne Ferguson - P; Angela Forbes - PA; Jack Hadden - P; Caitlin Hamer - P; Hana Issa - PA; George Lauder - E; Michelle Lockhart - PA; Gillian Mauchline - P; Ptolemy McKinnon - P; Ryan McOmish - PA; Argyle Murchie - P; Euan O'Neill - EP; Mark Pettigrew - EP; Fiona Roxburgh - P; Kirsty Scott for EA; Jessica Shenton - P; Naomi Simpson - EPA; Olivia Steele - EPA; Craig Sutherland - P; Conor Syme - EP; Shoni Tavendale - EP; Shaun Wickert - P; Emma Wilkinson - EP; Rachael Wilson - E.


Kate Appleby - PA; Emily Bond - EPA; Conor Bowers - EP; Meghann Butler - E; Catriona Carstairs - P; Carra Copland - P; Graham Desmonts - P; Kathryn Dingwall - EP; Andrew Dobbins - EPA; Adam Finlayson - EPA; Samuel MacKeddie - P; Daniel McKenzie - EP; Sam Rose - P; Fiona Smith - P; Carrie Taylor - EPA; Martin Taylor - EP; Sarah Tuckley - EP; Rachel Wilson - P; Rachel Wood - EP.