Crieff High School celebrates global partnerships with visit to China

SENIOR pupils from Crieff High School are heading to China this week.

Graham Ferguson, Katie McConnell, Christine Campbell, Matthew Dudley-Wood and Annabel Scott will stay with Chinese pupils from Weifang No 1 School.

Weifang, a city of 10 million people, is in Shandong Province and is four hours by train from Beijing.

Artwork from Crieff High School has been sent out in advance so that a joint exhibition of pupils’ work can be held in the host school. The pupils will be supported by principal teacher of geography Ian Bendall, art teacher Kirsty Olivant and Crieff resident Ian Wellfare, a former British diplomat and Mandarin speaker.

After Weifang the group will spend time in Beijing, with visits to the British Council, Rolls Royce China, National Museum of Art, The Great Wall and the Olympic Stadium.

Strathearn Community Campus leader Christine Ross said: “All the pupils are excited at the prospect of visiting China in this period of unprecedented growth, gaining valuable experience to help them at university and in their future careers.

“They will also be meeting friends from the Chinese school who visited the campus for a week in August 2010, helping to further develop the links we have built”.

Pupils from Crieff High have recently visited Londiani in Kenya and taken part in an exchange programme with Cognac in France.