Criminal Minds reboot gets update

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Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

Criminal Minds ran from 2005 until 2020. It was then announced that it was getting a 10-episode revival. Then, it was reported that the revival had been axed. So, what exactly is going on?

Well, now it looks like the reboot isn't dead just yet. It actually appears that the producers are still working on it.

"We are still very much in development on Criminal Minds," ViacomCBS's chief of programming Tanya Gills has said at the Television Critics' Association winter press tour (via TVLine).

"We'll have more to share soon on that, but it is alive and well."

Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

Obviously, that's great news in terms of the revival not being cancelled, but also that it looks like the powers-that-be could be working on retooling the show enough that it's not just the same series as before.

That would line up with what previously has been reported about the show, that it would bring back some old characters and mix them with new ones and have them solve a singular case over the 10-episode run, as opposed to one case per episode/week. As the revival season is coming to a streaming service first, making it binge-able in one go makes sense.

Last year, star Paget Brewster tweeted: "Sadly, we think it's dead. I'll let you know if there is any progress but it seems unlikely. Which is a bummer."

True to her word, she has let fans know about the progress. Sharing an article to her Twitter, she wrote: "When being wrong feels so right… I LOVE IT!"

Hopefully we will hear more information soon, although we don't expect a release window or UK outlet (since we don't have Paramount+ over here) in the initial big reveal announcement.

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