CRKD Launches Collectible Wireless Controllers for Nintendo Switch

CRKD, known for the Nitro Deck, is expanding its premium gaming lineup with the launch of the NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller, designed for use with Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices and Smart TVs. This new controller blends retro aesthetics with the latest gaming technology, designed to be both a functional and collectible item.

The NEO S is distinguished by its compatibility across a range of platforms, thanks to Bluetooth technology. Notably, the collectible controller comes available in nine different designs, including three Special Editions crafted by celebrated controller artist, POPeART.

In addition to its looks, the NEO S boasts high-end features like its drift-free Hall Effect Thumbsticks and adjustable actuation Hall Sensor Triggers, enabling precision gaming and customized trigger sensitivity. The controller also features Remappable Back Buttons for added functionality, a quick-swap system for the Stick Tops for customization and durability and is equipped with an internal gyroscope for motion control in compatible Switch games.

Additionally, the NEO S provides an immersive gaming experience with adjustable vibration and includes innovative features like a "No Deadzone" mode and Turbo Mode, enhancing gameplay responsiveness and speed. It also integrates with the CRKD True Collection System App for product registration, rarity information and future customization options.

"Our launch of the Nitro Deck was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community, and we’re excited to grow the brand further with the announcement of the NEO S," said Lee Guinchard, CEO of Embracer Freemode, adding that the controller is "An ideal companion to the Nitro Deck, we believe the NEO S sits apart from the sea of mediocre controller designs available, presenting a highly collectible product which houses an array of advanced features. We look forward to introducing the NEO S later this spring and to the continued growth of the CRKD brand."

At the time of writing, all colorways of the NEO S are available for preorder for $50 USD via CRKD's official site.