'Croatia Spy' arrested by Russian police close to England training camp

Gareth Southgate and Jordan Henderson, possibly pointing out a suspicious observer.

A man alleged to have been spying on England’s World Cup semi-final preparations has been arrested.

According reports in Russia by website Echo, a Croatian man was arrested by Russian police in St Petersburg’s suburbs. The report states he was arrested on a rooftop close to the Spartak Zelenogorsk Stadium, where he could observe England’s training.

This is despite fences erected 13 feet tall around their training camp to stop any observers taking notes on possible tactics.

The man claimed that the photos he was taking were shots of the surrounding areas, and not the England coaching session in practice.

A source is quoted in The Sun saying: “Security guards at the stadium spotted a man on top of a building taking pictures as the England team were training.

“They alerted the police who arrested him.

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“However, he turned out to be a TV repair man who is just a huge football fan.

“They obviously thought he was spying, possibly on behalf of the Croatian team ahead of the semi-final.”