Crocodile Snatches Bat From Mid-Air in Far North Queensland

A stalking crocodile snatched a low-flying bat from mid-air as it flew over the Daintree River, in far north Queensland.

This video was captured by Crocodile tour guide David White, who posted the video to Facebook on March 7.

White said he had never seen a crocodile manage to get hold of a bat before.

“I have been working on the Daintree River for 25 years and seen the bats skimming the water many times,” White told Storyful.

“They [the bats] wet their chest [and] then hang in the trees and suck the moisture out of their fur to have a drink, the crocodiles are certainly interested in the bats but it’s a very wide river and I did not think that a crocodile would ever be able to grab one – so it was amazing to see it happen right in front of us,”

“It gives you an appreciation of their awesome speed, skill and accuracy.” Credit: David White via Storyful

Video transcript

- Huh? You got the crocodile? Yeah, the croc? - Yeah. - Did you see that? Oh! It got it! It got it! Oh, my God. It got it. It got it. It got it. Oh, look. Oh! Oh! - Oh, man. - Oh, that's wrong. - Oh. - Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I did not ever think I'd say that. [GASPS] Well, are you serious? - What happened?